Mike Hoffman!
2021 Raffle Bike Winner


2021 Poker Run

Fourth Annual Event

To help support those who have always supported us, we are hosting another poker run to help out local establishments

This will be our second year hosting a poker run and we look forward to teaming up with some awesome local businesses to help make it as successful and fun as possible!

  • First Stop TBA
  • Second Stop TBA
  • Third Stop TBA
  • Fourth Stop TBA
  • Fifth Stop TBA

About Mike Garner

Put a smart phone camera on Mike and there would be a 70% chance that a tongue would be sticking out at you (followed by a laugh). Mike “Slicky” Garner had a unique personality. There wasn’t an evil bone in his body. In almost any speech given about a lost friend or loved one, everyone will tell you that the departed was a good person. I could bore you with the same old bullshit but let’s not do that. Slicky sinned, but not in a bad way. He would never deprive anyone of a good time or try and put anyone down (that is a fact). He liked fast bikes, saying the word “fuck” and “scum” a lot, drinking twisted tea, shooting guns, lighting off fireworks, jumping off motor boats and doing all outdoor things.

Slicky road motorcycles, drove tall trucks (while blaring shitty pop country music) and never gave a fuck about what anyone thought of him (unless it was his parents). When you met Slicky for the first time, you would never have guessed he was in his twenties. He was a man who had his shit together. Mike worked full time, owned his own property and had a personality as if he had been here amongst us for many “adult-aged” decades. If you needed a hand or help with anything (especially automotive related), Mike would be there in a heart-beat. When an opportunity to do something fun, like dressing up as a leprechaun on the back of a motorcycle in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade or play the role of Uncle Sam in the 4th of July Day Parade, Slicky was quick to jump on the job.

Mike “Slicky” Garner was not a friend you find every day. I have missed him so much since the day he left us. We all hung out in front of the Chainbar the night before his accident. I remember him hugging Melissa prior to leaving. Receiving the phone call the next day was one of the worst moments I have had in a very long time. There are places and moments in everyone’s life where you will never forget where or what you were doing when an event that is life-changing happened. For me, it is September 11th, February 25th and October 21st. I miss you Slicky and my project house is still a project